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The NVKD was founded in 1985. The first meeting took place in February of that year. In April a very first '' communication '' was distributed among the members. It was a first (here as a pdf) simple report of the lectures that was later evaluated in the current form of our magazine Diatomededelingen via the name "Diatom Times". Diatomededelingen is now the name of magazine of the NVKD. This contains summaries of the lectures presented during the study days and all kinds of information about new books, important journal articles and newspaper clippings. Diatomededelingen are published annually and are free for members of the NVKD. Diatomededelingen 2022 has recently appeared. This part is also available digitally.


Recently published Diatomededelingen




















The published Diatomededelingen are listed below. These can all be downloaded as pdf.


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