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The Dutch-Flemish Association of Diatomists (NVKD) presents the Diatom Flora of the Low Countries 


The main objective of this flora is to promote knowledge about diatoms in The Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) (=the Low Countries). It is meant to be a reference guide (not an identification guide) to provide the most recent taxonomical information on taxa (‘taxon’ includes species, subspecies, varieties and formas) for analysts working on diatoms in the frame of biomonitoring and water quality assessment.  


The flora will be an online document, growing and changing with time. This approach guarantees that the flora will never be outdated and that the list of species missing in the flora will get shorter in time. At present, the focus will be on (mostly benthic, non-planktonic) species from the fresh- and brackish realm. In the future, planktonic and/or marine species might be added.

How to contribute to the Diatom Flora!

  1. First read the Manual 

  2. Download the template (Word-file) [click here]

  3. Fill in as much as possible (in English)

  4. Send the template to the editors, they will check the information and fill in the blanks. (Send to Bart Van de Vijver)

  5. The final species sheet will be sent to you, prior to publication on the website. After a final check by the author, the PDF will be published on the website. As author of the species sheet, your name will be mentioned (you can also remain anonymous if requested).

Diatom Flora of the Low Countries

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